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Clinical Trials FAQ
This site contains FAQ with answers mom sex
regarding clinical trials.

American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology
Every day, thousands of people volunteer to take part in clinical research trials. It is because of their willingness to participate in these studies that modern medicine is able to meet the challenge of continuing to find new, improved treatments and cures. But what exactly are clinical research trials?

Importance of Trials
Clinical trials are essential to cancer research. Without clinical trials, new drugs and treatments could not be approved. No matter how promising a new treatment looks when tested with lab animals, it cannot be used to treat people until it has been carefully evaluated through the several phases of a clinical trial.

An Introduction to Clinical Trials
This is a link to the CISCRP website. This site contains information to educate, inform and empower patients, the public, medical and research professionals, the media and policymakers about clinical research.

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